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The Magic of Riding


Licence: 19/00740/ANIACT



Hello and welcome to Truemans Heath Riding School's website.


We like to keep things simple, so read on for more information about who we are, the lessons we offer, and of course to learn more about our wonderful horses.


So who are we and what do we stand for?



I recently saw an email and at the bottom was the riding school missions statement "we want a riding school that feels more like a family, etc....." I read it and for me I do believe that it has been achieved and it is how I describe the riding school to other people.

I love the friendly atmosphere at THRS, I appreciate being greeted by a cheerful hello when I arrive, it makes me feel part of the stable family. Everybody loves the horses so much, their happiness and well being is the most important thing. I believe that many stables would treat the horses as 'equipment for riding', rather than animals with feelings and very different personalities. You feel it is a privilege to ride them.

In my opinion the riding school is a fun, happy and warm place to be and I love the time I spend at Truemans. I think you adapt well to individual needs and levels of experience.

We’re a warm, kind, and friendly Riding School based in the West Midlands.

We pride ourselves on being different - we see no point in learning to ride or care for horses if you and your horse can’t enjoy yourselves.

We are committed to constantly refining what we do to make sure you get the best experience possible.

"We want a Riding School that feels more like a family; somewhere where everyone can feel included no matter where they’ve come from – we want a Riding School that feels less like ‘a business’ and more like ‘a second home’" [THRS Mission Statement]

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OK, sounds interesting, but what exactly is the ‘Magic of Riding’?


The ‘Magic of Riding’ is not just a phrase, but a philosophy. It is a way of riding, a way of teaching, and a way caring for these wonderful horses. The ‘Magic of Riding’ is not something everyone will achieve, but something everyone can achieve; you have to be willing to look for the ‘Magic of Riding’ to find it.


The ‘Magic of Riding’ means more than just sitting on a horse – it is about learning to be a rider and not just a passenger; learning to think and to connect,  to feel and not just to see – to appreciate life from a horse’s point of view as well as our own.


The ‘Magic of Riding’ is the ethos of a journey that will last a lifetime; we aim to bring this ‘magic’ to all our customers, and hope they too can join us on this wonderful journey.


Find out more about how the Magic of Riding all started and who teaches it today - click here.


Check out our own horses enjoying the Magic of Riding philiosophy in the video below - acres and acres of grazing to enjoy with their friends. Young and old, retired or working, all of our horses are kept for life and shown the dedication and care that they deserve - and it looks like they're certainly enjoying the life they lead!

Well that's all very well, but does it actually happen in practice? What do your customers really think?


Here's some of the comments from our quarterly customer survey's - all of which are held anonymously so people can give their frank and honest opinions. For more testimonials, click here.

Wow, count me in!  Where do I sign up?


Just head over to our 'Riding Lessons' page to find out more information on times, prices, and how you can book in. Details of how to get in touch can be found on our 'Contact Us' page.


Thanks for visiting everyone, and we look forward to introducing you to the Magic of Riding.