Truemans Heath Riding School

Tel: 0121 430 7974   Email:    Truemans Heath Riding School [ABRS Approved], Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 1PQ    [Updated  8/9/2021]

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Licence: 19/00740/ANIACT

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Helpers Scheme - Team Truemans


So what is Team Truemans all about?


The Riding School would not be the place it is today without our much loved helpers. All of our volunteers are part of the THRS family, and belong to a dedicated network ('Team Truemans') designed to reward initiative and enthusiasm with the opportunity to learn more about caring for, working with and training horses.


When you become a helper (a ‘team member’) at THRS, you’ll be given a mentor and a team leader. Your mentor is a helper who has built up some good experience at THRS, and will give you the extra time and guidance you need to learn all about being part of Team Truemans. Your team leaders (as the teaching staff of the Riding School) will then supervise the learning that goes on, regularly checking in with your mentors to offer advice, training, and support for every helper - they'll also make sure to pass on any specialist knowledge they may have.


What do we want for our helpers?


We want our helpers to be so much more than just someone who turns up “to do a bit of leading, ride, maybe some grooming, and then go home”. We have a vision that all our helpers will become fantastic horsemen or women, and as well as working through the Riding School's own 'helper challenges' (we have a series of bronze, silver and gold helper challenges to structure your learning) and an annual ABRS Stable Management Test, we also encourage you to tell us what you'd personally like to achieve out of your time helping at THRS.



















So who can join Team Truemans?


Adults are just as welcome as kids, and over the years we have seen our Team Truemans network grow from 5 helpers to over 35! You do need to be taking part in Riding School lessons, or stable management sessions (held during the summer months) to make sure you're covered by our insurance. For children we are happy to accept them into Team Truemans once they've moved onto our 45 minute lessons, and a parental consent form is signed.


Where can I find out more information and download the parental consent form?


Click here to be taken to our Team Truemans Helper Booklet (including a parental permission form), find out more about our challenges.



Do you also offer work experience?


Yes we do! Feel free to check out our 'Contact Us' page for more information on what we require, and how to apply for a place, but we offer block or weekly placements to suit.


Any other questions? Just get in touch and we'd be happy to help!


P.S Check out this video below for an example of some of the things we want our helpers to become involved in - to learn more about the way horses think and to gain experience in helping horses to overcome any of their fears or worries! Here Team Truemans members are being guided through how to help Smiley get used to all sorts of different obstacles: