Truemans Heath Riding School

Tel: 0121 430 7974   Email:    Truemans Heath Riding School [ABRS Approved], Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 1PQ    [Updated  8/9/2021]

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The Magic of Riding


Licence: 19/00740/ANIACT





At THRS we like to keep you in the loop - after all it's no good offering amazing lessons and exciting holiday activities if no-one ever gets to hear about them!


That's why we'll release a bi-monthly newsletter by email, distributed through our mailing list (sign-up below), Facebook wall and Twitter feeds. We'll also keep you updated with special events (such as our Charity Sponsorship weekends) and the progress of our horses in for training - if anyone ever has anything they'd ever like to include in a newsletter, we're more than happy to see if we can help.


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We're aware that it's all well and good us putting together a website that talks about how fantastic we are, but really this means nothing if it can't be backed up by customer opinions. That's why every 3 months we hold an online, anonymous survey asking for customer's frank and honest opinions about all things THRS. For the most up-to-date survey responses, click here to access the summary document. We think we're good, but we're also open to change, and we constantly strive to make improvements wherever we can. Take a look at some of the feedback below as proof we can walk-the-walk not just talk-the-talk!


How well informed do people feel at THRS?


"It's easy to stay informed. The Facebook and twitter accounts are very useful! I find the newsletters good to help me find out what's going on in up coming holidays"


"I think the communication is excellent - a real strength of the riding school and we really appreciate the huge efforts being made. Can't think of any part of this that could be done better"


How do people feel about the Riding School in general?


"I love how everyone makes families feel welcome after viewing a number of riding schools my daughter was certain it was with you she wanted to learn to ride, as she felt comfortable and not worried to be new, after a number of lessons she is always smiling throughout and never feels pressured into doing parts she doesn't feel ready for this approach has helped her feel safe and confident where she can be a very shy and nervous little girl."


"I love how welcoming the THRS are and really enjoying being at the stables. I think it often feels informal but in a comfortable way, feels like a lot of people who love horses getting together. I can't really think of how changing anything could make it better"


"We viewed a few riding schools before choosing Truemans Heath , and you were the only ones who explained what our daughter would be doing and the staff were friendly.


"We like the fact it has been there a long time and is owned by the same owner. Location. We love your fields, the peace and tranquility we and the children get coming to Truemans away from the pressures of school and other things. The horses and ponies are at the centre of what you do. They come first. It is very organised,welcoming and there is structure so the children know what is expected and what they can work towards."


"The friendliness of the people, the loving area where everyone gets along, the kindness of people there, friends I've made through the stables, and most importantly the beautiful horses...people learn new things everytime you go there and are always willing to give you a helping hand."


"THRS provides fabulous lessons and support, in a friendly, inclusive, noncompetitive environment. Lessons are professional, always fun and educational without being patronising or prejudiced. Staff are professional, experienced and super empathic and friendly to all ages and kinds of riders. No matter what weather or conditions, staff can make each lesson special which is testimony to how fabulous teachers they are. It's a bit like a welcoming family and makes riders want to come back"







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